the dotasia-complot

June 27th 2008: Answer from our provider

No restart with pool-related companies

To: Leona Chen  

Date: 27.06.2008, 18:59:50

Subject: Re: Auction rescheduling / Auction platform change

Dear Leona,

thanks for coming back to this issue.

The lawyer of one of our affected clients is in communication with the lawyer of mr. schreier/pool/momentous for the past 4 weeks - with actualy no results as far as I know.

Again I want to point out, that our customers still await that dotasia will exclude subsidiary companies of the auctioneer pool and that dotasia will exclude subsidiary companies of any employee of the auctioneer, particular from leading positions - from any auction. So it is still expected, that the applications from drake will be canceled from the registry and in a restarted auction drake is excluded.


Our customers are still confused how mr. chung can speak (in his public statement) only from "a disgrunted .Asia customer" and how he can fade out every offered evidence. Of course we and also our customers are disgrunted of the facts, the reaction from your side to the facts and also that mr. chung never deals into any detail. We are speaking all the time about insider-trading, which is in nearly every country of the world a criminal offense - with high punishments. This should be taken a little bit more seriously from the registry. Still we absolutly not understand the reaction of dotasia.

You should please also know, that in the meantime we got new documents from barbados, the caribbean island where Drake Domains Corp. is registered (the 100% owner of Drake Ventures Limited in Ireland). This documents are actualy not published so far, but they show that the relationship between pool and some bidding parties are much closer than it was yet said on


Anyway, have a good weekend and regards from germany,