the dotasia-complot

what to do?

If you are affected and/or you think that a close relationship between the auctioneer and your auction competitor is unfair and if you think that it is a probable cause that the auctioneer and its CEO knows and exploits the maximum bids of all competitors:

here are the options to do:

  1. apply for dispute
  2. send a complaint to Mr. Edmon Chung, CEO of dotasia
  3. send a complaint to the Initial Board Members of dotasia
  4. write to the Sponsor Members of dotasia
  5. write to the Co-Sponsor Members of dotasia
  6. write to the Supporters of of dotasia
  7. participate on the discussion boards in the web
  8. send a letter to the editor of your preferred newspaper /techpaper
  9. blog it and tell it to your friends
  10. publish our domain or/and use our banner
  11. ask your provider for assistance (he can additionally handle point 2-10)

Please feel free to use all text information you will find on this website.